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Spiel Architects & Associates LLP.

Building for tomorrow urban life




About Spiel Architects & Associates LLP


                           As founder and Design Director of Spiel Architects & Associates, Julio C Carvajal Jr. is a firm believer in public

                           service through architecture. Over the last 4 years, Julio has focused on promoting the civic and environment

                           well-being of New York City. Tri-State area. After leading several interdisciplinary design at Skidmore Owings

                           & Merrill’s studios processing many projects including structural engineering, urban development in NY and

                           landscaping in the surrounding states, decided to expand the architectural technic, in 2008 Julio founded the 

                           Spiel Architects & Associates LLP, to provide elegant, Functional and environment progressive designs to the

                           commercial, industrial, retail and residential sectors






                                          The purpose of Spiel Architecture is to lead people with the design and construction of space and place of

                                          lasting beauty. Wherever possible such spaces and places with embody a sense of the sacred. This work is

                                          to occur within the context of positive, honest and healthy working relationships between all officials,

                                          planning and zoning officials, public servants etc. The essence of our work involves building positive and

                                          creative teams to complete our mutual projects for the financial, and emotional benefit of all parties. It is

                                          the intention of the firm to protect, enhance and renew the built and natural environment, Of particular

                                          concern is to design buildings that blend with the local and regional historic, urban, village, or natural

                                          context within which they are placed. It is our aim to help make Cities and Villages more livable, which

                                          in turn, help reduce pressure on the rural landscape..